Singapore: Soaring Lion City

The Famous Merlion at Night

If there is one city aside from Manila that I really love.. it would be Singapore. Just realized that I schedule at least one trip per year to this progressive city. Aside from visiting relatives and friends, the city just gives me a good vibe. Instead of giving my usual travel thoughts, here is a list of reasons why I just keep coming back for more and some collected pics from my SG trips..

Travel Thoughts - My 'loves' in SG:

*Bonding with Family & Friends -

w/ cousin and friends at Joojoo

*Sentosa - loving Sentosa because it is a theme-park, beach place, and now home of Resorts World and Universal Studios <3  was able to experience overnight camping here.. and that is unforgettable! There are a lot if kababayans here who helped us in directions & gave us tips on discounts ;)

Singapore'08 at Siloso Beach

Universal Studios '10

*Awfully Chocolate - where chocolates are gorgeous! Thanks to my cousin Em and her boyfriend Jeremy for bringing us here.. I just fell in love after tasting their truffles. :D

Awfully Chocolate = Yum! 

*Shopping - especially at Charles and Keith and IKEA where there are great finds at affordable prices!


*Easy Commute - This city is where commuting is made easy. Some say the geographical size of the country is a major factor but obviously the transportation strategies for the people contributes a lot.

Limo Cab

Train Ride

*From Hawkers to Posh Food Trip - Variety of Asian Cuisine

Food Trippin at Paragon

at a Hawker

*Fun & Safe Night Life - having fun without worrying during night-outs for me+, my cousins  & the ladies

Marina Bay Sands backdrop - SG'11



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