Birthday Blog - 2012 ;)

"Princess C" Cupcakes by Mary Grace Querubin

I wanted to blog about the food trip and treats I had for my birthday so here it is..:)

* I had my birthday salubong treat from Jz at Lorenzo's,BGC way since we have been craving for Fil-Spanish dishes days before. I chose the delsih Coco Loco Prawns!

Coco Loco Prawns - 550php

Jz added an order of Crispy Pata - which we almost did not touch as we are sooo full! In addition, we added Spanish Garlic Chicken which I find so-so but ok for the price.

Crispy Pata

Spanish Garlic Chicken - 325php

* I also had my  'first' birthday cake slice this year from the Cake Club haha. The cakes are overwhelming! But, I have to hold my appetite so I decided to try Le Royale.

Le Royale - cake slices range from 200 to 400 php 

*    Had a celebration with relatives too and with balikbayan relatives, they chose Max's for our dine out. I have never underestimated Maxs bakery. So, I was not surprised when I liked the cupcakes we had which was supposed to be for Father's day haha!

* Experienced "kilig" too when I received a surprise delivery from Island Rose given by Jz :*


*  Had a friendship killig too! Haha! Received a surprise (what we now call as) "Princess C"  cupcakes from a dear friend - Meegay Querubin. You can send a message/comment if interested. Her cakes are beautiful and yummy! :)

Cuuute ;)

Food thoughts:

- Lorenzo's Way open from 11am to 11pm
- The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel is located at 7th Ave cor 29th Street South BHS Central, Fort. Their Cake Ice Cream is the next to try.. heard it's good! :)


Friday Night @ Murray and D'Vine

Murray and D'Vine, Serendra

Every Friday night, our Fridate is somewhere unplanned except for those days that we are craving for something in  particular. The Friday when we chose to dine at Murray and D'vine was a random one.We wanted to try a resto/bar which is not part of our favorite list.

I ordered Meatball Spaghetti and Jz  ordered Beef n' Bacon burger. We also added some Nachos with Cheese and Beef.

Nachos with Cheese and Beef - 215php

Beef n' Bacon - 395 php

Meatball Spaghetti around 250php

The Wine Wall

Food Thoughts:

- Nachos with Cheese n' Beef was full of flavor. Not the best nachos for me though, but it was good.
- Meatball Spaghetti seemed Sauce with pasta for me.. The sauce was too thick for my tastebuds and there's too little serving of the noodles compared to the sauce :P
- I got to taste the Beef n' bacon and it was delish. Not a healthy option though hehe!
- Crowd was made up of expatriates and yuppies
- Was fascinated by their cute mustard and catsup bottle haha!

cute bottles hehe!