Fave Jap : Omakase!

Omakase Favorites
And my best friend was right.. Omakase will be favorite! Yeah, I know it already existed for quite some time now - it was even one of the caterers in one of the weddings we attended this year. But, can I just repeat [it again, one more time - haha ok ok redundant :P] that Omakase is our official favorite food trippin' place! Ever since they moved their Alabang branch to Molito, the ambience is better and we feel we had better access to this Japanese place. 

Food thoughts: 

Seafood Crepe

What is my personal favorite? Ofcourse the Seafood Crepe! I just fell in love :P I remember ordering my good old favorite Kani Salad. But, they do not have them in the menu. I just can take the lady server a thousand times for recommending this food love to me :D 

Other must trys: Spicy Squid, Tempura, California Maki

Omakase is located in Molito Center, Barangay Ayala Alabang [just at the back of Starbucks,HSBC area]
Another favorite Omakase branch is at Ayala Triangle, Makati [at the back of  Makati Stock Exchange Building].


Birthday Blog - 2012 ;)

"Princess C" Cupcakes by Mary Grace Querubin

I wanted to blog about the food trip and treats I had for my birthday so here it is..:)

* I had my birthday salubong treat from Jz at Lorenzo's,BGC way since we have been craving for Fil-Spanish dishes days before. I chose the delsih Coco Loco Prawns!

Coco Loco Prawns - 550php

Jz added an order of Crispy Pata - which we almost did not touch as we are sooo full! In addition, we added Spanish Garlic Chicken which I find so-so but ok for the price.

Crispy Pata

Spanish Garlic Chicken - 325php

* I also had my  'first' birthday cake slice this year from the Cake Club haha. The cakes are overwhelming! But, I have to hold my appetite so I decided to try Le Royale.

Le Royale - cake slices range from 200 to 400 php 

*    Had a celebration with relatives too and with balikbayan relatives, they chose Max's for our dine out. I have never underestimated Maxs bakery. So, I was not surprised when I liked the cupcakes we had which was supposed to be for Father's day haha!

* Experienced "kilig" too when I received a surprise delivery from Island Rose given by Jz :*


*  Had a friendship killig too! Haha! Received a surprise (what we now call as) "Princess C"  cupcakes from a dear friend - Meegay Querubin. You can send a message/comment if interested. Her cakes are beautiful and yummy! :)

Cuuute ;)

Food thoughts:

- Lorenzo's Way open from 11am to 11pm
- The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel is located at 7th Ave cor 29th Street South BHS Central, Fort. Their Cake Ice Cream is the next to try.. heard it's good! :)


Friday Night @ Murray and D'Vine

Murray and D'Vine, Serendra

Every Friday night, our Fridate is somewhere unplanned except for those days that we are craving for something in  particular. The Friday when we chose to dine at Murray and D'vine was a random one.We wanted to try a resto/bar which is not part of our favorite list.

I ordered Meatball Spaghetti and Jz  ordered Beef n' Bacon burger. We also added some Nachos with Cheese and Beef.

Nachos with Cheese and Beef - 215php

Beef n' Bacon - 395 php

Meatball Spaghetti around 250php

The Wine Wall

Food Thoughts:

- Nachos with Cheese n' Beef was full of flavor. Not the best nachos for me though, but it was good.
- Meatball Spaghetti seemed Sauce with pasta for me.. The sauce was too thick for my tastebuds and there's too little serving of the noodles compared to the sauce :P
- I got to taste the Beef n' bacon and it was delish. Not a healthy option though hehe!
- Crowd was made up of expatriates and yuppies
- Was fascinated by their cute mustard and catsup bottle haha!

cute bottles hehe!


Pacquiao Fight at the Vue Bar

Pre-Father's Day Celebration : Pacquiao Tix!

As I "arrange" arrange my photos for the "happenings" of June, I came across few photos we had during the Pacquiao-Bradley fight which was Jz and I's Pre Fathers Day treat for dad. As usual, we watched another Pacquiao fight at the Vue Bar of Bellevue Hotel. This is one "happening" we will miss should the People's champ decide to retire.. I guess all other Pinoys have their own "usual" way of celebrating each fight of Pacman...And our way is at the Vue Bar. We fell in love with the ambiance, the buffet with our favorite pudding and crispy chicken (brunch buffet at 990 php only!), and the cheering Pinoys who are also used to watch the fight in the same way as ours (priceless!:P) :)

Omelet Corner

Buffet Starts Now! :P

Just warming up hehe

Choices of Bread

Fruits and a Slice of Pudding

Urban Thoughts:

- Usual buffet at 990php only and reservations required.
- Vue Bar at the Bellevue Hotel Manila:
22nd Floor Tower Wing, Bellevue Hotel Manila,
North Bridgeway, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang,


Dagupan Drive

Spent one weekend of May in Dagupan. Primrarily, the the trip is to go to Manaoag and have our car blessed.

Dad drove us around to have some food trip, explore, and have another round of food trip :P Since it is his hometown, he narrated the story of each avenue and each cornet to me And Jz.

Here are some of our Dagupan faves:


Manaoag Cathedral
Add caption


Pedrito's Brekky

Grilled Dagupan Bangus. Yum!
Matutina's Famous Sinigang :)


Pangasinan Pasalubong:
- Puto Calasiao


Lovin' the South : Alabang Town Center!

It's been a few months when the good ol' Alabang Town Center has renovated. It gave that  refreshing southern vibe with more restaurants to offer for the foodie and more shopping outlets  to choose from for the shopaholic.

Some new restos to try:

Barcino in the South! The fave Paella Negra 

More Milktea Choices!

Jamba in the South too! :)

Whre good friends dine :P  -Abe 

Food Thoughts:

- Ayala Triangle yuppies' faves are also present for southerners enjoying their weekends : BonChon, Wee Nam Kee, Banapple etc.


Buffet South of Manila : Acacia Hotel

One random weekend, I decided to treat two men in my life  for a lunch buffet. Instead of going somewhere north of Manila, we chose to have it nearby - in Alabang :) Acacia Hotel came to mind since I have heard of friends satisfied after trying it and I was always curious of what it has to offer every time pass by the hotel while driving along Commerce Avenue.
Healthy Options

The buffet is at around 1100php per plate and it comes with either Pandan Juice or Iced Tea.
There is a salad bar which became my favorite part of the buffet table. There were different viands such as fish fillet, roast chicken, beef stew, pork 'kawali', and (Jz's fave) salmon with cream sauce - all come with unique flavor. Different kinds of pastas were also offered. My Dad's favorite part were the Pinoy desserts.

Pork Kawali

I made my own salad - Warm Bacon Patato :) 

Shrimp with Salsa, Salmon with Cream Sauce, Roast Chicken, and Pesto Panini slices  
salad bar

Cream Puff
Make your own Halo Halo! 

more desserts
Food Thoughts:

- I love the fact that they offer healthier options as compared to other buffets
- I wish that they have more appetizers and viands to offer though. Comparing to other hotels with restaurants offering buffet treats, they have less variety.
- I still love the experience. Thanks to the nice ambiance  and cute powder room :P

- Acacia Hotel :
5400 East Asia Drive cor. Commerce Avenue, Filinvest Corp City, Alabang
Phone: 720 2000


Buffet at Bag of Beans

We have been craving to try the famous buffet at Bag of Beans . Then, last Sunday we had to buy some organic stuff from Ilog Maria which gave us a chance to have our lunch in one of our most favorite restaurants/food establishments in Tagaytay.

What's good about the buffet is that it has variety of choices - even for healthy eaters. Since its lent, I do not eat pork and beef for this year's season so I was glad that I still enjoyed their veggie spring rolls dipped in vinegar, fish tempura, and Filipino-style Fried Chicken. My two dates - Jz and Dad , enjoyed their choices too. They have different kinds of pasta, salads, and soup. And of course we we enjoyed the pastries and desserts!

Sweet Exclamation Points! Mango Crepe, Chocolate Mousse, Apple Tart

Food Thoughts:
Buffet Policy

- Breakfast Buffet is only prices at 320 php + 10% service charge
- Brunch Buffet is priced at 400 php + 10% service charge
- And a timely treat to beat the summer heat? Try their make-your-own halo halo for dessert
- Bag of Beans is located at 115 Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay