Uncle Cheffy at Nuvali


I once again convinced Jz to go to Nuvali as I wanted to spend one Saturday afternoon in a less cosmopolitan place yet not so far from Manila.

Tuey Pasta

When we arrived, we decided to have our late lunch at Uncle Cheffy since I have not tried one of their branches in Manila. Besides, we parked in Solenad 1 so we just chose a resto in the same area before checking the newly opened stores in Solenad 2.

Ofcourse we first ordered their famous panizzas!  We chose a combination of the Seafood Panizza which looks like a potential fave and Jz ordered the best seller East Meets West Panizza. We also tried their oriental pasta -Tuey pasta, which is the only oriental pasta in the menu. For additional munchm we also ordered the appetizer - Crunchy Calamares.

Food for  Thought:
Crunchy Calamares: Comes in Medium and Family Serving Types

- East Meets West gives that oriental flave with the ripe mango chunks and kesong puti added to that Westen cheese and parham toppings. Although it is not my  fave, Jz was gastronimically happy!
- some panizzas we would like to try in our next visit are the All Meat (maybe after Lent) and Vegetarian. I love the fact that I could eat the pizzas by squeezing some veggie toppings in the 'pizza' and rolling it to be eaten like the normal panini - which makes it more flavorful
- The Crunchy Calamares would be a normal appetizer for some but their version was yummy and the sauce made it even more delish
- I am not a fan of Oriental pasta but their Tuey Pasta made me eat half of the 'for sharing' order :)
- Good customer service is present among the staff. I was even given the company discount I thought is not valid since it is already a Laguna store.
- There are other partner companies, so young professionals could check their "Partner" board - who knows company discounts may be available for you too! :P



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Yum! Looks like 'Uncle Cheffy' is a must-try! You make me hungry!

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