Cove Camping at Anawagin

Route Taken: Manila to Olongapo; Olongapo to Pundaquit; 30 minute boat ride to the cove.
The group I am with opted to take the shorter route to the campers’ haven – Anawangin. The other route is by trekking to the cove.It will take approximately 4 hours if this option is chosen.
After a bumpy boat ride, we reached the cove. The boys were ready to set up our tents and camping cooking paraphernalia. There were group of campers who were already settled with their tents when we arrived.  Some of them were part of a Japanese camping group.
After we took some rest, it was already mid-afternoon so we decided to roam around the place to check the castaway-type of facilities that surround us :P   Then, we waited for the sun to set and tried to walk along the shore. We decided not to swim because even the water along the shore line seems to be unsafe. We just marveled into the beauty of the sunset that changed the colors of the mountains bordering the cove.
After the sun has already set, the preparation for our dinner started. A couple of hours later, we continued with our story sharing outside of our tents. The group decided to have some drinks that seemed to be a castaway nightlife then :P
The next morning the exploration of the cove continued as we walk through the pine trees while in awe of the silvery white sand. Passing through some swamps and forest-like paths we discovered the hidden beauty of the place more and more.
From Anawangin, the gang also decided to have a short tour to nearby Capones Island and out the Capones Lighthouse

-Usually, ordinary buses take tourists to Pundaquit from Olongapo City if trippers prefer not to bring their cars.
- There are resorts in Pundaquit, if one would prefer not to camp in the nearby cove.
- For groups who prefer to reach the place via Trekking, official guides are required to accompany the group.
- For groups who prefer to reach the place via boat ride, it is better to be in Pundaquit before noon so the ride would not be that bumpy. The cove faces the South China Sea, so expect the waters to make the ride an adventure in itself if the trip would be in the afternoon.

Photos by: Mel Elgincolin



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