Calaguas Islands: Bicol’s Hidden Paradise

One of the Best Beaches (for me) in the Philippines

After a 6 hour drive from Manila and a 2 1/2 hour boat ride from Daet, we finally reached the Mahabang Buhangin Island of what I consider as one of the best beached in our Lovely Philippines.. Calaguas Islands. The white powdery sand that sparkles when touched by the rays of the sun and the azure beach make the island of a kind. Reaching the place in backpacking style through, we were welcomed by the island caretakers who served a sumptuous meal. After munching and enjoying the bicol delicacies  laing and gatang isda, it felt that it was not packpacking at all. The meal included in the package could compete to some of the meals at hotel buffet tables :P The gang was just reminded of the backpaking style when it was time for us to set up our tents.

The members of the group decided to do several activities either individually or as a whole. Some opted to play frisbee while waiting for the sunset. One european who joined the trip chose to sit on a log by the beach accompanied by a novel she brought. At night, the gang jammed with one guy who brought his guitar as the group surrounded the bonfire.
Frisbee and Calaguas Sunset

Travel Thoughts:

- Since it will be long drive if taken by bus, a night trip (atarting from around 7pm) would be a better bet so that beach bummers would arrive the island by morning (before noon) and just laze around or catch some sleepafter arrival or having lunch
- Be game! To enjoy nature and serene surroundings of the island forget your city life for a while and enjoy camping, beach bumming, and bicol food tripping (that is if the cooks-caretakers we had in our trip still continue to have this hospitality in the island) ;) Just do not forget to manage the trashes to maintain the cleanliness of  the place
- At night, enjoy stargazing.. and even catch some falling stars! With city lights far from the place, one could appreciate probably one of the loveliest nights one could see.
- Surf's up! Drop by the nearby Bagasbas before heading for Manila for skimboard and surfing lessons.



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