Hongkong High

HK Disneyland

Proximity is one of the reasons why we Pinoys would take a time to go out of the country and visit Hongkong. But, many of us know that there's more to Hongkong like - shopping, food trip, culture, and theme parks that make Hongkong one of the most frequently visited out-of-the-country destinations.

For a foodie, one would know that eating authentic HK dishes is a must on every visit. Fact is, sidewalk stalls are sometimes even more pricey than some fast food and restaurants in the malls.But still, foreigners flock to these stalls to enjoy authentic warm HK noodles and/or dimsum. Posh food trip in hotels and accessible restaurants is also worth to try. 
Ladies Heaven

As a shopper, one would enjoy the famous shopping areas like Nathan Road, Tsim Tsa Shiu, and  Mongkok to name a few. For the ladies, HK is just a fun destination because it is the nearest home to H&M! The bazaars and night markets never tire the tourists and shopping until the wee hours in the morning seems to be a normal routine.
Aberdeen Court

For tours that would give a glimpse of the history and capture a bit of the colorful culture of HK, Aberdeen Court and Harbour View are just two places to go to.

To feed the child-like hearts in us, Hongkong Disneyland and Ocean Park are always the top picks.

Travel thoughts:

- Best time to visit HK is December when weather is cool but not that cold yet. For shoppers, it is August because of the sale
- Sidewalk food stalls are sometimes 20% more expensive than some restaurants found int the malls. But, it is highly recommended for tourists to try.
- Sidetrips to Shenzhen and Macau ,in the middle of the whole duration of stay in HK, is recommended. 
Ferry rides are around two hours of travel time to these destinations.
- MTR card credits can be used as payments to some of 711 stores.
- It always works to visit Disneyland in the afternoon to enjoy the rides and the spots. Plus, the castle firework show, usually held from 7 to 8pm, is a good exclamation point to end the day in the theme park.



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