Barbecue Night at Heat

Located at the Ground Level of Edsa Shangri-la

Jz and I love having dinner buffet at Heat. As a matter of fact, the week before we just said to try other buffets but when given the option to have a free dinner for two, I chose.. Heat again :P We just can't get enough!
Where we Love to Have our Dinner Buffets 

When we were finally seated by the attendant, we just ordered our drinks and immediately headed to the barbecue row. We scheduled our gastronomic date on a Saturday which happens to be the resto's barbecue night. The choices are overwhelming: surf and turf skew, chickecn tomidon, traditional lechon roast, baby back ribs, etc. Since we got stuck in this row during our last buffet, I just got one of each to save more space for the salad and deserts later. But, that did not stop me from enjoying the roast feast.
Barbecue Night

My second plate was filled with healthier options. Receiving weekly advise from the nutritionist does not stop anyone from enjoying a buffet as oppose to what we use to believe :P . In fact, the salad bar already made our buffet worth it. It;s as if I have not tried the same caesar salad the night before from Edsa Shang that I excitedly got a plateful. I just curiously tried the equally-delicious thousand island and vinaigrette choices. My plate #2 also included my fresh  fruit selections: watermelon, banana, pineapple, melon, and kiwi slices.
Healthy Buffet Options

Time to cheat: I tried their naan with fish curry sauce which is very Asian in taste. It is a bit spicy, but just enough for me to enjoy it. I went straight to the dessert bar to taste one of the favorites - make your own crepe! Jz tried the choco banana mix. Meanwhile, I requested the expert crepe maker to do the same but with vanilla and dark choco drops onstead of milk on it.
One of the Best Crepe Makers! 

Just when I thought we can end our crave feast after the fruit fondue, my favorite pudding arrived! I used to sprinkle vanilla syrup on it, but I tried choco this time.
Jz's choice

Food thoughts:
- Heat is located at the ground floor of Edsa Shangri-la Hotel.
- Dinner Buffet starts at 6pm and ends at 1030pm
- Every Friday, Seafood Buffet is the them and Saturday is Heat's Barbecue night
- Price of Dinner Buffet is 1,900php plus for Fri and Sat; 1,600php plus from Sun to Thurs

The Favorite Pudding! 



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