Celebrating Corregidor


Corregidor Photo by Jz Rojo
I have always been curious to seeing Corregidor to the point that it has reached my 30 before 30 list.  :P
It was probably caused by a change of plan of our junior high field trip which was supposedly a trip to the island. As a child, my mom would tell me that my maternal granddad fought against the Japanese and Corregidor was one of the places where they was sent for battle. Hence, my curiosity of this island.

Finally, I did not have to wait for my 29th year to go to this island :P I chanced upon a Deal Grocer voucher for a Sun Cruises tour for only around 1500php. I bought two tickets for me and Jz as a post Valentine date <3 In return, he treated me for an overnight stay in Midas Hotel in time for our trip so that we would not have to wake up THAT early for the trip :D

Battery Way

Travel Thoughts:

- Check for more details on the island tour offered by Sun Cruises
- Optional Malinta Tunnel Light and Sound tour is also available at  150 php per pax.
- The ferry leaves at exactly 8am. Tourists should be at the port 30mins before.
Inside Malinta Tunnel




Jobell said...

wow! ang ganda naman dyan! Di pa ako nakakapunta ng Corregidor. I wish .. this coming week i can go there :P

princesalakwacha said...

Hope you already went! Corregidor is historic and scenic :)

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