Birthday Blog - 2012 ;)

"Princess C" Cupcakes by Mary Grace Querubin

I wanted to blog about the food trip and treats I had for my birthday so here it is..:)

* I had my birthday salubong treat from Jz at Lorenzo's,BGC way since we have been craving for Fil-Spanish dishes days before. I chose the delsih Coco Loco Prawns!

Coco Loco Prawns - 550php

Jz added an order of Crispy Pata - which we almost did not touch as we are sooo full! In addition, we added Spanish Garlic Chicken which I find so-so but ok for the price.

Crispy Pata

Spanish Garlic Chicken - 325php

* I also had my  'first' birthday cake slice this year from the Cake Club haha. The cakes are overwhelming! But, I have to hold my appetite so I decided to try Le Royale.

Le Royale - cake slices range from 200 to 400 php 

*    Had a celebration with relatives too and with balikbayan relatives, they chose Max's for our dine out. I have never underestimated Maxs bakery. So, I was not surprised when I liked the cupcakes we had which was supposed to be for Father's day haha!

* Experienced "kilig" too when I received a surprise delivery from Island Rose given by Jz :*


*  Had a friendship killig too! Haha! Received a surprise (what we now call as) "Princess C"  cupcakes from a dear friend - Meegay Querubin. You can send a message/comment if interested. Her cakes are beautiful and yummy! :)

Cuuute ;)

Food thoughts:

- Lorenzo's Way open from 11am to 11pm
- The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel is located at 7th Ave cor 29th Street South BHS Central, Fort. Their Cake Ice Cream is the next to try.. heard it's good! :)



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The cupcakes look scrumptious!

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