Child-like at Enchanted Kingdom

The Magic is Here!

I was given two free tickets to this decade-old theme park. One weekend,  I decided to use this with my beau and  be kids for a day :P
Not so-soon, ill try this haha - Space Shuttle

I have learned that the price for the all-day pass now costs 500 Php each, which includes the theme park-owned rides and fun activities. This excludes the rides and activities offered by concessionaires.

It is my fourth time to visit the park and I felt that I took planning visits here for granted, maybe because my thinking is it is just less than an hour away from where I live. Thus, I can just visit anytime. This made me realize that I have not tried a lot if rides and activities yet. Admittedly, I am not a thrill seeker so I am really not that surprised :P The timing of our  visit was also good as the whole park gave that Halloween vibe in time for the upcoming event.
Happy Halloween at EK

But, in this most recent visit, I decided to try at least a ride that I have not tried before. I was finally convinced  to try Anchor's away. I am reserving Space Shuttle on a not-so-near future visit when I finally have the guts to try  :)) Some say that Anchor's away is more scary than Space Shuttle, still I do not think so.. But, it does not mean that my heart did not pump that much as a result of my freaky nervousness before the ride. At the end of the ride, I am very glad I tried. Yes, I got scared when we were being swayed back and forth by the ride (with the feeling that our napes are left weightless on air haha), but it was one fun-crazy experience.
The tummy-rolling/nape-dumbing ride - Anchors Away!

We also tried the Rialto, which is my favorite. The current short flick being showed is "Happy Feet".  The ride is for the whole family as it is not really for thrill seekers.
Happy Feet Now Showing at Rialto

We also tried the concessionaires' 4D and Horror Booth. The 4D Cinema showed Yogi Bear. I find it better than the Rialto experience in a way. Maybe because  it was longer and it has more effects. Price for the Cinema is 50 Php for all-day pass holders and 100 Php for the regular price. The Horror booth was not scary at all. Not sure if it is because the staff though I am that coward so they became nice halfway the route. For those who are curious to try, price is 50Php for all day pass holders and 100 Php for the regular price :))

Ekstreme Tower Ride

Other rides are the Jungle Log Jam and Rio Grande Rapids which require riders to bring extra set of clothes, as the rides will definitely make the guests wet. For those who want to challenge their fear of heights, EKstreme Tower Ride and Up Up and Away are best bets. For the kids, there is the Boulderville area of the park for them to enjoy.

Urban Thoughts:

The theme park is located at San Lorenzo South, Santa Rosa Laguna. It is open from Wednesday to Friday at 12NN to 7pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 11am to 9pm. Public Buses can bring guests to the park (Jac Liner and Jam Transit). Vans in the Edsa Crossing Terminal can also give those who want to visit a ride to the park for 60php.

Enchanted Kingdom  - more than a decade of magic :)



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