Pangasinan Perfecture

Our Lady of Manaoag

I have been in the province of Pangasinan for the nth time because it is the hometown of my Dad. Pangasinan is famous for Hundred Islands and Milkfish (Bangus). But, we go there almost every year to visit Our Lady of Manaoag. During these visits, we appreciate the landscape and the food even more :)
Manaoag Church Compound

On our last visit, Manaoag is still part of our list.And since my family's scheduled to go to Vancouver weeks after the visit, we made it a point to meet up with relatives and family friends at our favorite restaurants in Dagupan.
Pedrito's Dagupan City

First stop is Pedrito's. It is located in Tapuac District, Dagupan City. We love having breakfasts here so we cannot miss it this time. Each of us tried different kinds of omelets. I tried the unique version of their crab omelet. I find it different but delicious especially for the health conscious. Omelet servings range from 150+ php to 200+ php. Pedrito's offer Dagupan delcacies as well. Pasalubong packs' (ex: polvoron, crinkles etc) price range from 50php to 100+php. A bottle of the famous Pangasinan Alige is also available for 250 php minimum.
Crab Omelet at Pedrito's

Another must-try is Matutina's. I remember whenever we pass by Tondaligan beach (in Bonuan, Dagupan, Pangsinan), Matutina's is the venue of our lunch or dinner semi-reunions. I have also heard that former Pres. GMA is fond of having her food stopover here whenever in the province. The restaurant offer fresh seafood viands and ihaw-ihaw food as well. The place has already improved from having sandy flooring before to a cemented and more sophisticated interiors now. They even expanded and I just saw a branch along Central-North Luzon National Road (boundary of Pangasinan and Tarlac). Viands price range from 170 php to 400+ php.What else could be the must-try but the Dagupan Bangus!
Matutina's Annex II, Bonuan

Travel Thoughts

- Pangasinan is also famous for their sweet Mangoes (especially in the town of Malasiqui) and tasty Puto Calasiao.
- Another town in Pangasinan is Bolinao which is famous for its lovely beaches.
- Pangasinan is more accessible now that one can pass via SCTEX - Tarlac, where you can catch a breathtaking sunrise and sunset (depending on the time of your travel)
- Manaoag church area has been renovated recently. It is more spaceous for devotees and visitors.

SCTEX view on the way to Pangasinan



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